Multi-stability and polariton solitons in microcavity wires (bibtex)
abstract = {Nonlinear polaritons in microcavity wires are demonstrated to exhibit multi-stable behavior and rich dynamics, including filamentation and soliton formation. We find that the multi-stability originates from co-existence of different transverse cavity modes. Modulational stability and conditions for multi-mode polariton solitons are studied. Soliton propagation in tilted, relative to the pump momentum, microcavity wires is demonstrated, and a critical tilt angle for the soliton propagation is found.},
author = {Slavcheva, G. and Gorbach, A. V. and Pimenov, A. and Vladimirov, A. G. and Skryabin, D. V.},
doi = {10.1364/OL.40.001787},
issn = {0146-9592},
journal = {Optics Letters},
keywords = {Bistability,Integrated optics devices,Optical nonlinearities of condensed matter,Parametric processes,Pulse propagation and temporal solitons,Semiconductor nonlinear optics including MQW},
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shorttitle = {Opt. Lett.},
title = {{Multi-stability and polariton solitons in microcavity wires}},
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