Algebra 2B 
Level 2

Semester 2 in 2016/17

General course information and handouts
This unit introduces ring theory and provides a thorough structure theory of linear operators on a finite dimensional vector space.

Class times and locations
The lectures take place on Wednesdays at 10:15 (EB1.1), Thursdays at 15:15 (EB1.1) and Fridays at 14:15 (EB1.1).

Weekly schedule, lecture notes and Panopto link
Here are the lecture notes for the whole course: lecture notes

Here is a link to the Panopto lectures (search for "ALG 2B: Algebra 2B" in the Everything folder).

Revision lectures
During revision week, I'll give revision classes on Wednesday 10th May at 10:15 (EB1.1) and Friday 12th May at 14:15 (EB1.1); there will be no class on Thursday. Think of these classes as office hours where I'll just have a really big office. I won't give lectures: you've already had enough of that (!) and anyway it's too close to the date of the exam to teach you anything new.

Also, during revision week some of the postgraduate tutors will give a revision session as follows:

Tutor Location Day of revision week Time Attend if your family name begins with the letter
James Green CB 4.16 Monday 15:15 A-D
Claudio Onorati CB 4.1 Monday 15:15 E-L
Tom Crawley CB 4.16 Tuesday 10:15 M-Q
Pablo Vinuesa CB 4.16 Tuesday 15:15 R-Z

Homework assignments
Please submit solutions each Thursday by 3pm to the pigeonholes near the lifts on the ground floor of 4W.

Books that you might find useful
There are a few books in the library that cover some or all of the content of the course, but there are too few copies given how large the class is. For this reason, everything you need is in the typed lecture notes. Nevertheless, just in case, two of the most relevant books are:
Exam information and past papers
Here is some useful information about the exam: You'll also find it helpful to look at the past papers for this unit; I wrote only the exams from 2013/14 and 2015/16. (Note also that prior to 2014, a ring was required to be a ring with 1 and therefore a ring homomorphism was required to send 1 to 1, so some of the solutions reflect this. Please use the definitions from our lecture notes!).

Here I highlight the questions that you needn't worry about:

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